Studio XS Space Sings Kit spotted in a music video !!!

04.11.2018 - Studio XS Space Sings Kit spotted in a music video !!!

Studio XS Space Sings Kit spotted in a music video !!!
Excited and also a little proud I share a video made by the great artist 弘翊 (Jonni) for BCW a very famous rapper in Chinese hip-hop culture.
So volume ON ... ears and eyes open ... and enjoy the video !!

嘻哈 金童 BCW 沈默 單曲 「SAD」

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18.02.2019 - Finalist with the Pros !!

Finalist in the Lost Civilizations contest organized by the Motion Designer Community!
Happiness and commotion ... I have already won!
See my name on the Motion Designers Community alongside great artists like Alex Ness (NessGraphics) , Nick Scarcella (_nscr) is priceless!


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