Studio XS Products thinked for Cinema 4D and Octane for awesome renders!
Hundreds of unique textures to drag and drop into your next Cinema 4D scene.
Compatible with both C4D Physical & Standard renderer and may others: Octane, RedShift, Arnold ecc.
If you use any of the packs or tools below, give me a feedbackshare with me your work and your thoughts on working with these XS elements.
You can also show some love by posting on Facebook or tweeting about the XS product or tagging #studioxs on Instagram too!

Best of luck on your projects, and happy rendering!

Space Beams - Dome Pack

The Space Beams - Dome Pack is a collection of 50 unique 360-degree images (.HDR format).
Perfect for cosmic renders!
Sci-Fi \ Space theme for landscapes, reflections and lighting of your project.
Bring life to your render with beams lighting.

HDRI Pack - North America 1

Here is a selection of 33 High-Resolution 360 degree panorama (.EXR format) representing landscapes from North America!
Locations: Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Lake Louise, Queen Elizabeth Park.
Set reflections and lighting in your project and bring your item to life with natural lighting.

HDRI Pack - North America 2

Here is a selection of 34 High-Resolution 360 degree panorama (.EXR format) representing landscapes from North America!
Locations: Badlands, Hawaii, Yellowstone, Yosemite.
Set reflections and lighting in your project and bring your item to life with natural lighting.

Grids Pack

Here is a pack of 60 textures maps thinked for Cinema 4D and Octane for sparkling sci-fi renders!
Jail your models with these grids or use them as alpha or masks to get amazing textures!

Glitch Pack

Here is a pack of 70+ textures maps thinked for Cinema 4D and Octane for sparkling sci-fi renders!
One word: Glitches! Y’know...those edgy little effects that give a taste of future to your creations.

Genetica Pack

Here is a pack of 60+ Hi Res textures maps thinked for Cinema 4D and Octane for Molecular Biology/Genetic renders!
Hi Res images for your 3D biomedical experiments at the cellular and molecular levels!!

Space Signs Kit

Here is a kit of 9 space signs (material ready) and 15 emissive posters thinked for Cinema 4Dand Octane for cosmic renders!

Terrain Kit

Here is a kit of 3 unique terrains ready to use!
Cinema 4D project files with Octane Render setup of all materials for HiQuality renders!

Dirty Kit

Here is a kit of 450 textures to get your hands dirty a little bit! 30 unique weird materials ready to use!
Cinema 4D project file with Octane Render setup example of material and HiRes render preview!

Marble Kit

Here is a pack of 160+ textures maps thinked for Cinema 4D and Octane for dirty stone renders!
33 unique weird marble materials made from real photos of Carrara marble!

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18.02.2019 - Finalist with the Pros !!

Finalist in the Lost Civilizations contest organized by the Motion Designer Community!
Happiness and commotion ... I have already won!
See my name on the Motion Designers Community alongside great artists like Alex Ness (NessGraphics) , Nick Scarcella (_nscr) is priceless!


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